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2017-06-12 10:33 am

119th Philippine Independence Day

They say that the Philippines is still not free up until now. We are still being controlled by those who have more power over us.

Our ancestors fought hard to give us a country that is not ruled under dictatorship and a country that values its people. As the future that they fought for, I will stand and protect this land that I love the most.


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2017-05-22 04:32 pm
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My One and Only

It's been 5 months since you've gone missing.

I don't know why you left. Maybe because you got irritated of me, or maybe because you thought we weren't coming back. Wherever you are, I hope you're doing fine. I hope you always have food. I wish you're always warm and cozy. I hope you're always given love. If you ever think about coming back, I'll be here. There will never be anyone like you. No matter how common you look, I'll always recognize you. You are my one and only.

I miss you so much.

I love you so much.

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2017-05-18 09:08 pm

Unboxing of Hey! Say! JUMP 2017-2018 Calendar


I know this is really late, but y copy came in really really late as well (although me uploading this just now is the latest hahahahahahaha).

Well, lemme explain the calendar a bit. Just like the past calendars, this year's came in with a weekly and monthly version. For the weekly calendar, it is reversible individual cards per week. You put them in that plastic stand that is inside the box as well. Then, there is a monthly calendar that you put up on your wall.

Well, here is another harsh unboxing hahahahahahaha. I don't really want you guys to watch because my videos look awful, but if you're really curious about the calendar, go ahead. I hope you all enjoy!!! <3 <3 <3

*just so you know, this video is 16 plus minutes, I almost fell asleep when I watched it after editing hahahahaha. And if you want the off-voacl version of superman, drop me a message.*

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2017-04-28 09:18 pm

Unboxing of DEAR Live Tour 2016 DVD



So, my copy of the Dear Live Tour 2016 DVD regular edition came in today and I can't help but do this video already. Uggghhh, my economics homework is already screaming. I'll get back to you later.

And finally, my tri force is complete hahahahahaha. I can now have an in-house concert HAHAHAHAHAHA.

DEAR con dvd, Kei Inoo uchiwa, dear con penlight

*If you want the off-vocal version of From that I used in the video, just drop me a message! Enjoy <3
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2017-04-16 08:58 pm
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Happy Easter!

I just want to greet all of you a happy easter!

May you all have a graceful year!

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2017-02-11 04:38 pm

I went to Japan(Tokyo-shi)

Sorry, it took me forever to follow up on my adventures in Japan ahahahahaha(but I actually updated already in my lj account lmao). Real life stuff is getting real this early lmao.

For the second part, I'm going to talk about our sojourn in Tokyo so read on if you guys are interested.

More Japan )

Overall, Japan is great. I definitely wanna go back. RIGHT NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW. OKANE, DOKO????
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2017-01-04 04:47 pm

I went to Japan(Osaka-shi)


Last December 18-24, my family and I went to Japan for a vacation and to meet my cousin who was there as an exchange student. Well, this post is just like a journal entry so you may just skip this but if you wanna know my experience, read on my dear.

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P.S. I have "to fangirl" stories here(mostly because of yuto)