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I've been on a dream trip to Japan last December 2016, and of course, I really enjoyed it. I'm wishing for a part two, and I hope I stay longer, a year maybe? hahahaha I hope. But what is a trip if you don't try out their famous chows?

watercolor of the food that I tried there

Well, just don't mind my non-skilled watercolor exhibition. Let's go straight to the topic.

I know there are a lot more to the list, but too bad, I only got to eat these goodies so they are the only ones that I'll be discussing now.

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Sorry, it took me forever to follow up on my adventures in Japan ahahahahaha(but I actually updated already in my lj account lmao). Real life stuff is getting real this early lmao.

For the second part, I'm going to talk about our sojourn in Tokyo so read on if you guys are interested.

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Overall, Japan is great. I definitely wanna go back. RIGHT NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW. OKANE, DOKO????
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Last December 18-24, my family and I went to Japan for a vacation and to meet my cousin who was there as an exchange student. Well, this post is just like a journal entry so you may just skip this but if you wanna know my experience, read on my dear.

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P.S. I have "to fangirl" stories here(mostly because of yuto)