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I know this is really late, but y copy came in really really late as well (although me uploading this just now is the latest hahahahahahaha).

Well, lemme explain the calendar a bit. Just like the past calendars, this year's came in with a weekly and monthly version. For the weekly calendar, it is reversible individual cards per week. You put them in that plastic stand that is inside the box as well. Then, there is a monthly calendar that you put up on your wall.

Well, here is another harsh unboxing hahahahahahaha. I don't really want you guys to watch because my videos look awful, but if you're really curious about the calendar, go ahead. I hope you all enjoy!!! <3 <3 <3

*just so you know, this video is 16 plus minutes, I almost fell asleep when I watched it after editing hahahahaha. And if you want the off-voacl version of superman, drop me a message.*